Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC) Chairman Prof Itse Sagay (SAN) yesterday said the Federal Government could fund next year’s general election by invoking the doctrine of necessity should the National Assembly fail to pass the budget.

According to him, the overriding necessity of elections and survival of democracy supersede the National Assembly’s powers where democracy is threatened.

Sagay, in a statement, said while the power to approve the budget is only a single item in the Constitution, democracy and its processes, including elections, are what the Constitution are about.

The statement reads: “The failure or refusal by the National Assembly to approve funds for the 2019 election will constitute a sabotage of our democracy, of which the Constitution is the embodiment.

“If elections are not held, it will mean the collapse of our democracy, leading to chaos and anarchy. The question that arises is simple.

“Which is more critical to democracy and the survival of Nigeria: Is it (1) the power of the National Assembly to approve budgets or (2) the survival of democracy and Nigeria itself?

“If the survival of democracy is more important and fundamental to Nigeria’s existence, then failure to approve the budget for elections will trigger the doctrine of necessity, thus compelling the funding of election without the approval of the National Assembly. Read more<<<<<


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