In December 2017, President Buhari established a Tripartite Committee – comprising Labour Leaders, Federal and State Government representatives, to consider and recommend an appropriate increase on the present N18,000/month, National Minimum Wage, which became effective from 2011.

Ultimately, however, by Oct. 2018, after protracted negotiations, over several months, there is still no agreement, because the State Governments have insisted on paying only N22,500, while the Federal Government, conversely ‘appears’ willing to accept N30,000/month, despite Labour’s demand for between N36,000-N56,000 minimum wage.

Arguably, despite the serial increases in Minimum Wage from N3,000 ($35) in 1998, and N5,500 ($55) in 2006, respectively, before the subsequent increase to N18,000 ($111.0) in 2011, the average real income and purchasing power of Nigeria’s workers, has regrettably, failed to match the real value of the N125/month ($290), Minimum Wage which prevailed in 1981. Read more<<<<<

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