Between July and this month President Muhammadu issued two decrees aimed at further curbing corruption, money laundering and tax evasion: the first, Executive Order 6, and the other, Executive Order 008. An executive order is a decree issued by the executive without necessarily seeking approval of parliament or the judicature. Most constitutions do empower the executive to take all such measures as would conduce to sound government and public administration in the interest of the overall common good. Donald Trump probably set a world record by the number of executive orders that he dished out during his first week in power. The current incumbent of the high magistracy of the American republic has issued no less than 42 Executive Orders in his first year alone.

Section 5 of our 1999 constitution, as amended, empowers the President to take all such measures as would enable him tackle all corrupt practices and ensure good government in the overall national interest, so long as these orders do not amount to creation of new constitutional powers or conflict with existing legislative and constitutional provisions. Read more<<<<<

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