The Oleh branch of the Nigeria Bar Association in its annual law week held recently at Oleh, headquarters of Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta state brought together elite members of the bar and bench in Delta state and beyond. The Oleh NBA during the occasion canvassed for “judicial autonomy as basis for effective justice administration and social order” which was the theme of the branch’s Law week activities.

Prosper A. Ezo, the chairman of the branch, in his welcome address noted that it was with a deep sense of responsibility and commitment to the noble ideals of the association that his branch had chosen to address issues concerning the theme.

According to him, there is generally an acceptance of the Judiciary as an arm of government co-existing in that respect with other arms of Government, such as the Executive and the Legislature. Much as the Executive and the Legislature enjoy their financial independence, both at the Federal and State level, such cannot be rightfully said about the judiciary. Why then is this so? What are the attendant implications of this to the overall development of justice sector and to the country?

“The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in its chapter 2 provides as to social objectives to be attained by the state as contained in section 17(1) of the Constitution expressly provides that the state social order is founded on ideals of freedom, equality, and justice.

While section 17(2) of the Constitution, therefore, provides that every citizen shall have equality of right, obligations, and opportunities before the law. The sanctity of human person shall be recognized and human dignity shall be maintained and enhanced. Government actions shall be humane. Human or natural resources in any form whatsoever for reason other than the good of the community shall be prevented, and the independence and impartiality of courts of law and easy accessibility thereto shall be secured and maintained.

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